Eilidh Campbell

Eilidh Campbell received her doctorate in Practical Theology from the University of Glasgow in 2021. Currently a tutor in theology and religious studies within the same university, she is also author of ‘Motherhood and Autism: An embodied Theology of Motherhood and Disability’. An adaptation of her doctoral thesis, this text explores issues of motherhood and autism from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on her own experience as mother to a son with autism, and the experience of other mothers with children on the autism spectrum, to critically evaluate dominant theological models of disability, motherhood, and knowledge. With a professional background in the field of mental health, working with children and families, her research centres around issues of health, disability, and gender. She is particularly interested in exploring theological responses to lived experiences which are marginalised, ‘counter-normative’, and respectively ‘othered’ in current discourse. Her recent research proposes a methodological turn to ‘unresolvement’, resisting the epistemological temptation to ‘round the edges’ of experiences which do not fit neatly within traditional paradigms of knowledge.