Centre for Autism and Theology

The Centre for Autism and Theology (formerly the Centre for the Study of Autism and Christian Community) aims to be an international hub for autism and theology research, with an interdisciplinary component and in connection with the third sector and more widely, any interested individuals or parties.

To this end, the Centre hosts interdisciplinary research into autism in Christian faith communities. The Centre aims to encourage research of the highest standards and to engage in dialogue with various faith communities. The Centre aspires to actively work together with autistic people and faith communities.

The Centre envisions a theological and interdisciplinary discourse around autism that has the potential to contribute to the wider discourse around autism, linked to the religious experience of autism, emphasising the God-given value of those on the autism spectrum. 

Conference Statement

The field of autism theology is growing and gaining increasing interest. Apart from some early precursors, theological attention to autism was largely absent until late in the first decade of the 2000s. Whilst between 2009 and 2018 some books and articles were published, it is especially since 2019 that a significant rise in publications and academic interest can be seen. Notably, in the Summer and Autumn of 2021 a number of monographs have been or will be published.

The Centre for Autism and Theology, launched in 2018, aims to be an international and interdisciplinary platform for autism theology. Therefore, the Centre is delighted to host this conference, bringing together several authors of recent publications, and other voices in the emerging field of autism theology. We have invited academics from different disciplines as well as practitioners, some of whom are associated with well-known autism organisations in churches and/or beyond, for example the National Autistic Society, the Additional Needs Alliance, Alma Autism, and the Centre for Disability Ministry in Asia.

Together we hope to identify the status quo, strategic issues, emerging trends, topics, questions, and methodologies in the field of autism and theology, and look for opportunities to collaborate on future projects.

Centre for Autism and Theology