Cynthia Tam

is an ordained minister and the national coordinator for disability ministries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. She completed her Ph.D. training at the University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Prof. John Swinton. Cynthia is currently teaching at Tyndale University in Toronto. She is also involved with Village Eulogia, an organization that supports families caring for individuals with disabilities. Her book, Kinship in the Household of God, is a theological reflection on the experiences of two persons with profound autism with their church community. Their experiences led Cynthia to reimagine Christian relationships to be covenantal in nature and kinship in expression. Guided by Paul’s teaching and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology, she discusses how God’s covenantal faithfulness fulfilled in Christ gives Christians the privilege to be incorporated into the body of Christ, thus becoming God’s children. With or without autism, any person who obeys God’s summons is incorporated into Christ’s body by the Spirit to become God’s child. Believers are thus siblings to one another. Viewing each person this way enables us to see beyond human differences and welcome one another as God’s gifts and indispensable members of the community.